Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Super stylish spined assassin bug on Coreopsis

Actually figured out what this puppy is--hooray!

So pretty and sparkly-looking w/all those light bands on the legs & wing edges.
And in this pose you can see the tiny front feet, a bit.

It moved very slowly, apparently they hang out at flowers, etc.,
to find and grab prey w/their forearms, sort of mantid style,
so sayeth (more or less) California Insects by Jerry A. Powell and Charles L. Hogue.

And this weekend while at the San Francisco Ferry Building farmer's market,
I asked a flower vendor what some flowers were, and she said Coreopsis.
So now I know what all the flowers are that I've been posting.

FYI, there's a bug that looks a lot like this one,
the western corsair, that, according to Powell and Hogue,
has a bite that is more painful that most other bugs around.

My motto: When in doubt, photograph, and politely back slowly away. =)


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