Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Stranger

Was supposed to take a photograph of a (presumably human?) stranger, yesterday,
for the photo challenge, but I didn't see one.

Work at the house, & no one darkened our door, yesterday.

So, how 'bout this charming creature, from a few days ago?

We've not been formally introduced.

This spotted towhee was on the back porch during the cold snap,
when snow covered almost everything,
and our porch sported birdseed.
It was a rare treat--this is a pretty people-shy bird.

Since the snow melted, most of the birds have abandoned our porch,
save the ever present dark-eyed juncos, and the occasional western scrub jay.
The spotted towhee is among the missing.


Perhaps I should have called after them, "Don't be a stranger!"

I fling birdseed onto the back porch, and the towhee ignores it.
It doesn't want to be my friend.

I can't blame it.
After all, I have cats.
Professional killers in my house.
Clearly a character flaw.

Smart bird.



  1. Great picture of the towhee. I've been following your photo challenge; you're doing very well! Sorry your snow melted. We have nearly 2' here and it's coming down fast!

  2. I love towhees! And what a *gorgeous* shot of this little guy--in a great pose, with a lovely catchlight in the eye!

    Sorry that it's abandoned you for less-feline-friendly climes, but I'm glad you got this wonderful picture before it left.


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