Friday, April 18, 2014

Photo Quiz Phriday Answer, Genius Steepers & NEW Photo Quiz...

Photo Quiz Phriday Answer

So many great guesses re: WHAT the heck I was doing here:

I was NOT weighing a stool-for-tiny-people (it's actually a pitfall trap lid/shade).

I was weighing a lizard, which was in a little plastic bag,
which SPINS AROUND in the breeze when held by a Pesola spring scale
'cause lizards weigh ALMOST NOTHING.

SO, I was holding the lid to block the wind so I could weigh that pup accurately.


This was all part of the reptile & amphibian inventory,
as designed & implemented by the fabulous Dr. Robert Fisher & all his peeps, at USGS.
Such a great group, the USGS Western Ecological Research Center's San Diego Field Station.
The TINY Cabrillo NM was super lucky to be able to team up w/them.

Behind me is 1 arm of a 3-armed Fisher trapping array.

Genius Steepers

I know this may sound lame, but ALL THE GUESSES WIN!!
They were SO fun & funny &/or accurate.

(w/hyperlinks to their blogs, if they have one)

John Beetham for:
"It looks like you're weighing a stool."

(bb: I 100% look like I'm weighing a stool + bonus points for unintentional wildlife doo-doo pun)

Imperfect and Tense for:
"Are you wondering who has stolen the majority of your vehicle,
as you've been left holding just the steering wheel and column shift?"

(bb: Great imagination & more likely than you might imagine
+ bonus points for British English vocab lesson)

Cindy for:
"You are weighing a land mine (craftily disguised as stool by Navy wonks) to see if it is still active
before you start stomping through the coastal scrub looking for orange-throated whiptail.

(bb: She clearly is READING MY SOUL as this is SO close to what my life was like back then--
working in a Navy bunker & crawling through the CSS* looking for Cnemis**)

sclancy for:
"Calibrating your portable sundial"

(bb: SUPER imaginative + I-wish-I'd-thought-of-that-then)

"hmm, can't be weighing 'cos you're holding it with your other hand.
Reading something off a gauge? Temperature?"

(bb: She's SO close, I AM weighing it, AND the scale is a gauge.)

Thanks everyone!! You cannot know how much your answers amuse & impress me. =)


This one is SUPER HARD, if you're going for accurate,
but could be fun if you're going for creative.
This pup was sticking out of an old stump by the garden.

It's about 2 cm tall.
I had to ask around 'cause I had NO idea.
But, now I know, and I'm psyched about it.

The reward for inspired/accurate guesses is



*CSS = coastal sage scrub
**Cnemis = verbal shorthand for Cnemidophorus hyperythrus, a.k.a. orange-throated whiptail lizard, NOW called Aspidoscelis hyperythra, so says the EVER FABULOUS & useful


  1. some sort of bug-related empty shell thingy? (brilliant, yes?)

  2. Dunno what you'd call it over there, but if it was in the UK, it would be the exuvia of a Goat Moth. Or possibly the personification of the spirit of a small rooster. Chickens and religion, man, 'pecking order' doesn't even begin to cover it.

    1. Wow.
      1. Love the goat moth exuvia guess. It's bringing to mind Silence of the Lambs, which I just rewatched last night. And THAT movie, as discussed by the How Did This Get Made podcast (but only incidentally, since the focus of that podcast is fabulously terrible films, not amazingly good films), is where I first learned of the existence of "moth handlers" ('cause that movie had one). It's an actual Hollywood job. Interesting option for entomologists...

      2. Chickens and religion--I'll have to take your word for it. Not real versed in such things, tho' I do know about the rooster in the Chinese zodiac...

      3. Speaking of pecking order, since I got hens SO many little phrases were illustrated: pecking order, cooped up, madder than a wet hen, hen pecked, chicken sh&#, etc.

  3. Just another crazy BCer after doing the winter challenge. See:

    1. Ah, now that was a fun thing to view on a Saturday morning. =) Thanks!!

  4. Replies
    1. Excellent guess!! And a popular one on twitter.

  5. pretty nice blog, following :)

  6. since it is emerging from a stump, I am going to go with Stump Wasp (horntail wasp) larvae casing. Common in the Pacific NW, not so much here in the sw.

    1. Also a very good guess, and bonus points for having the word stump in its name. =)


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