Friday, April 11, 2014

What WAS I doing? PHOTO QUIZ PHRIDAY phieldwork phun...

 Just got this photo from a USGS friend & figured I'd share it
'cause it initially confused ME, staring at the me of years ago,
wondering what the h I was doing.

Then I remembered & laughed.
So, WHAT do YOU think I am doing?

Based on presence of chamise, I think it's one of the Navy sites,
near Cabrillo National Monument, in San Diego,
my employer at the time (hence kickin' NPS ballcap).
Based on the buckwheat, it's fall.

Per usual, any and all (family friendly) guesses (in comments) are greatly appreciated,
whether fueled by decades of wildlife experience,
or just a bowl of sugary cereal & NO clue.

And please forgive me for showing a photo where I am SO COOL in blue coveralls. =)
Don't hate me 'cause I'm stylish.

The reward for the most accurate guess & most creative guess is:

Steeping in the Glory of Your Own Genius

I will post the answer next week, and winning guesses.


xoxo biobabbler


  1. It looks like you're weighing a stool.

    1. The second time I read that, I thought of the "other" stool, and laughed. 'Cause I'm so mature. =)

  2. Are you wondering who has stolen the majority of your vehicle, as you've been left holding just the steering wheel and column shift?

  3. You are weighing a land mine (craftily disguised as stool by Navy wonks) to see if it is still active before you start stomping through the coastal scrub looking for orange-throated whiptail.

  4. Calibrating your portable sundial?

  5. hmm, can't be weighing, 'cos you're holding it with your other hand.
    Reading something off a gauge? Temperature?

  6. Great photo! Happy to see it.


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