Sunday, June 1, 2014

Bugs on my house, inaugural edition

If you've not noticed, I added a new page to this blog
(see BB Pages, right column)
explaining #BugsOnMyHouse, a campaign to
document & learn about bugs wherever you are.


EVERYONE is welcome to participate. =)
Bloggy, tweety, instagram-y, tumblr-y, however you wish.

#BugsOnMyHouse will unite them.

Feel free to "comment" links to your work if you like. =)

Here's First Batch, from Saturday, 31 May.

Beautiful bug: guessing it is a hemipteran,
that is, a member of the Hemiptera order, true bugs.
 As with the rest of these, will look them up as I have time.
I've already updated this post once to improve the IDs.

Here's another hemiptera candidate, 2 views:
 My SUPER unscientific 1st guess was stink bug,
'cause I tend to think they're cute. And this guy was cute.

Update: looking at Laws Fieldguide to the Sierra Nevada and,
I now think it's a shield bug, in the genus Eurygaster.

Side view of same.

This one was SO dark, I had to lighten it a LOT to see anything.
Some kinda beetle?

Guessing it's a treehopper or a planthopper... 
 Those beautiful wings are almost iridescent.

Ladybird beetles are having a banner year. 
Maybe because it didn't freeze forever so there are 10 million aphids.

Update: best guess is convergent lady beetle, Hippodamia convergens.

Mayfly. Pretty intricate, when you look closely.
 the Ephemeroptera order.

Update: it may be a female Callibaetis ferrugineus hageni,
one of the small minnow mayfly species
(btw, the photo at that link is AMAZING).

I remember from water quality monitoring (looking at benthic macro-invertebrates),
finding this species indicated good water quality. =)


See?!? EASY.

That's the point:
photograph, post, guess & go.

=) Happy Summer Bug Time!


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  1. Dang, that mayfly is pretty impressive. Nice stuff


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