Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Summer's bounty--flowers & bugs, living fast & hard


Time for county fairs and beautiful nights...

and for plants to leap skyward,

providing room and board for the myriad bugs that live among them.
Turquoise-eyed flies (probably related to horseflies)
none of which I noticed when I took the photo. Flies 4, bb 0. =)

In a quest to improve my attitude about summer
(it gets bloody hot here & I'm the first to drop)
I'm shining a light on summer-associated goodies that I adore.

Tiny plume moth. I've NEVER seen one before last week. SO exciting.
 ID thanks to Chris Grinter (@skepticalmoth). That body is less than a centimeter long.

A small ant (lower left) to provide scale for this wee, tiny moth.

Spotted assassin bug (Rhynocoris ventralis) on gaillardia.
First time I think I've seen this particular, dashing predator.
Nicely color coordinated with the gaillardia, eh?

Tarnished plant bug (Lygus hesperus).
A tiny little charmer.

A day later, the same species played peek-a-boo with me
Here you get a better idea of how tiny it is. =)

Crab spider dining upon an earwig, underneath a chrysanthemum bloom.

So many mysterious (and frequently tiny) creatures
to find and try to name.

An assassin bug (that I cannot ID, so far) dining on an unlucky bee or fly of some sort.

An ever-changing populace of
invertebrates in the garden. 

Ants, seemingly obsessed with carrot flowers.

For the plants
the plant pollinators,
the plant eaters,
and plant-associated-bug predators,
summer is no joke.

Lovely, little lynx spider female living on a mint plant.
She's so spiky.

Live life now,
for tomorrow is never guaranteed.

Which reminds me of two views I gained from the Ferris wheel:

the quick,

and the dead. 

It's always good to have a reminder.

Nature will do that for you.


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