Monday, August 18, 2014

Show off

 Photos I may have submitted to the county fair.
DH suggested you might wanna see. =)
Warning: these may look familiar...

Probably my favorite bee shot. Was TOTALLY watching me. =)

It may have been a strategic error to have SO many of my photos in the insect category
but I'm apparently obsessed w/bugs.
Nevertheless a few non-bug shots got in, too.

 This one I EXPRESSLY submitted 'cause YOU people had said you really like it.
So, THANK YOU!!! =)

Another benefit to this process:
I learned to cut & mount photos which is
exacting, precise and a wee bit stressful.

However, it's 100% absorbing,
and for ONCE I have some of my photos enlarged & mounted.




  1. I love them all---but the bark close-up is especially "a-peeling" (haha) to me.
    Best of luck ! You've got a LOT of talent

    1. Aw, thanks. I DO love a good pun--nice one. =) Manzanita can be INSANELY beautiful, but you do need to get up close. Love that plant.

  2. These are all spectacular -- I'm sure you'll be your own biggest competition at the fair! The spider chowing down on that skipper is so impossibly yellow -- I love it

    1. We'll see re: the fair, but I TOTALLY agree re: the crab spider. SO beautiful, and I just love their shape. And how incredibly well they can manipulate their body to not EVEN look like a spider. =)

  3. Yep, the bark does it for me too. Though beady bee eyes is pretty darn special. A dragonfly photographer once told me that the 'pupil of the eye' effect with compound eyes can happen from any direction. I've often meant to put it to the test by having two observers look at the same eye from different directions, to find out if they can both see the 'pupil'.

    1. Nice. The bark is in a diff. category than all the bugs, so it'll be fun to see if it makes any headway, there ("plants/natural environment"). I expect more general nature-y images would have stiff competition since we're near Yosemite, but why not try?

      FUNNY you should say that re: compound eyes, 'cause I was JUST wondering about that YESTERDAY. I photo'd a super cute grasshopper from above, but it's "pupils" seemed aimed right at me. Very interesting... I hope you'll post whatever you figure out. Simultaneous photos from a few different directions would be cool to compare.

  4. Good luck, bb! I love county fairs and looking at their photography entries. I've considered submitting, too, but like most things, I haven't actually gotten around to doing it. I hope you get a ribbon or two for your mounting troubles.

    1. =) Thanks. We'll see. I'm just glad I learned to trim & mount photos. I love county fairs, too. So great to see all the different things people make and grow, and visit all the animals.


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