Thursday, September 18, 2014

Heads or tails?

Which way do YOU eat a tiny fly
(or, say, chocolate bunny, if that's more your style)?

Heads (i.e. ears, if you're in chocolate bunny-land)?
(Just occurred to me this is one entry point used to embalm mummies...)

 Or tails?

Found this carcass beneath the dahlias which host many crab spiders.
They catch a lot of flower-visiting flies & bees.

On the same day I found a similar bug being eaten
by a crab spider in a dahlia.

Seemed like when spider saw me, it immediately passed the fly over its head.

I wonder if that's a ninja move:
hold victim #1 out of the way w/1 arm,
then prepare to attack again with other 7.

Good move.

Lots of beautiful spiders in this group:

Lastly, a free, helpful hint to anyone trying to run a web site
 about crab spiders and hoping people will use/trust it:

Don't say "bees and insects."

Bees are insects.

So, there's that...

I'm willing to bet has never said that.
'Cause they're awesome like that. =)

So, heads or tails?
I was an eat-the-chocolate-bunny-ears-first kinda kid.


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  1. I can't say I have seen a spider eating anything yet. But I have watched ants devour a mouse in one day.
    Thank you for mentioning the bug website. I will be using it.


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