Friday, October 31, 2014

Photo Quiz Phriday--what are these two knobs called?!?

They live in Yosemite Valley, on the east end.
Photo is looking northward, generally...

Without looking it up,  can you name these?
Or, just one of 'em?

Alternatively, feel free to name them creatively,
 if you don't know their, um, traditionally used names.
We encourage wild guesses.

Fair warning: only PG answers will be posted. =)
And 100% accurate answers will be posted, but maybe a wee bit later than others...

Good luck, and Happy Halloween!!



  1. Geographically-challenged as I am, not a clue. However, as we're talking left and right knobs, I'll go with a politically UK-centric David (Cameron) and Ed (Miliband)?

  2. Boobies! Kids can say that, right?

  3. well in the desert SW we have Haboobs.... are these Hiboobs?.... wrong park, but another guess would be Grand Tetons...


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