Wednesday, September 9, 2015

County fair chickens, cowboys & ribbons--quite the summer blowout

I just learned a blogging friend entered her photos into the county fair
after being inspired by my post about doing just that.

Competing chicken beauties we ogled...

This made me happy.

Then she tells me her husband saw her example
and he screwed up the courage to enter his baked goods
into the local county fair (there's a men-only category).

Very cool 'do!

This made me even more happy.

So, I've decided I should risk accusations of bragging and write about this year's results
'cause maybe another person would be similarly inspired. =)

I don't pretend to understand 4-H economics. Wow!! =)

Plus, I just learned fair organizers say that
the more people enter stuff, the better the fair.

This duck looks like a deep thinker to me...

So, you are helping your community by doing this, not merely seeking approval. =)

Loved the feather shake-out on this gorgeous rooster.
Didn't get his head in this shot, but it's the only fluff-up he did.

Last year I entered my photos into the county fair for the 1st time.
And I won some ribbons, which was a surprise.
No 1st place, but I was delighted to win anything.

And I learned a lot, and had a great time. =)

How many dollars-worth of cowboy hats are in this photo?

This year I entered again, and DH entered a few, as well.

This weekend, as soon as we stepped into the photo-zone,
I saw one of my photos from afar & saw the blue of a 1st place ribbon.

SWEET! Already beat last year.

So, DH & I cruise around, ogling folks' fabulous work...

(The center bottom one is a super cool abstract. Looks like waves but is rock! =) )

...and seeing how we did.

So, here's Sammy's results:

1st & 3rd place in "flowers", 2nd & 3rd in "insects and reptiles"

1st place in "any other" category

1st place in "seascapes/marine"
and a nothing (upper left) and 1st in & best in show in "plant life/natural environment (no flowers)"

So, at first I saw the giant rainbow ribbon & freaked.
They give out one per each division (beginner, intermediate & professional).

I was SUPER amazed.
I'd only seen photos of people & agricultural plants get best in show,
so I figured I'd never get it.

Then, DH noticed a small chart on the wall,
which lists the special awards.
It listed best in show for the 3 divisions,
then best in show overall,

You can't tell fm. the above (& I didn't notice in person)
there's TWO giant rainbow ribbons there.

I'd call this some pretty serious positive reinforcement for
doing new things despite the discomfort & initial floundering,
working on your skills,
joining the fray,
and thinking happy thoughts.

Check your ego at the door

In case you think my head will be getting huge from ego,
I overheard a woman talking to her husband,
looking at & discussing my ribbon-festooned photo.

"It's a picture of bark.
On a tree."

Like that's the dullest thing in the world. =)
Made me laugh out loud.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, baby!



  1. And the others are just bugs and flowers. And more boring trees. Yawn!

    (Some people!)

    Seriously, though, congratulations!

    1. d'aw... THANKS! I'm lucky we have an insects & reptiles (lizards?) category as MANY county fairs don't, and not many spiders will beat out fuzzy puppies in the photo popularity contest. =) Fun stuff.

  2. Hey, congratulations! Entering in the fair is so much fun. I got two third-places for knitting this year and am already planning next year's entry. Does you fair have open judging? That's my favorite part of it, hearing the judge's comments.

    Those rainbow ribbons are a fantastic accomplishment.

    1. Oh, that's so GREAT! Congratulations! I think our judging is closed, but I should double check. I think I'd be a nervous wreck, but you are right--what an opportunity to learn! I'll take your inspiration & check it out. =)

  3. Wow, you guys in have a lot of photo categories over there. Congrats! And, thanks. I love the bark comment!


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