Saturday, March 19, 2016

Wild (speedy) wildlife photo fling

Just in case you don't follow me on Twitter or Instagram,
I wanted to be sure you see the lovely creatures
that have been gracing our property, of late.  =)

The grand coyote (Canis latrans) arrived after big splashes of rain.

Was cruising around, hunting gophers,
spending a lot of time looking about (hence, Wily Coyote).
(Note coat is wet fm. all that rain)

The classic LEAP & JAM down into gopher tunnels. =)

We also saw bobcat (Lynx rufus).
That fence is at the northern (and very wild) edge of our property.
Source of many great things for a biologist. =)

Sleepy bobcat in manzanita shade at the edge of our driveway.
Very exciting for me, but I only allowed myself 3 photos, 
then left that window so it could relax w/o the paparazzi. =)

And, here's an animal both the above species love to eat,
and of which we have plenty, the humble gopher (Thomomys spp.).
Attracts SO many exciting carnivores for me to ogle. =)

 Wily Coyote Tale

I'd recently noticed the fencing of our hen's porch
seemed a little more pulled away from the framing than it had been.
As if a creature was helping that process along...

So, investigating it to asses when & how to fix it,
I saw FOUR long hairs right at one of the pulled-away corners.

Pretty sure hair that long is from a coyote.

Funny, when I'm about (& awake) the coyote studiously avoids the hen house.

Looks like when the humans are snoozing,
coyotes return & look into opening that tantalizing snack shack.

Since then I've shored it up & will do more of that work today.

Mechanical exclusion is my #1 method for dealing with pests,
whether they're gophers or deer (gardening) or coyotes & bobcats (chickens).

That way, if I'm smart, there's no need to kill anything.

These giant brains can be very useful, if we employ them. =)



  1. Wise words and super pics. Just watch out for any Acme dynamite that ol' Wily might deploy near the hen house...

    1. Ooh, good heads up, thank you! =) You're helping me appreciate the fact that our house is not nestled at the base of a cliff that sports a giant boulder perched on the brink... =)

    2. :o)

      And I've just realised that I shouldn't be taking the cartoon analogy ANY further. Crivens, am I slow or what?

  2. You are so lucky to have such a rich wildlife patch. Excellent photos! What long necks those coyotes have. They look like dancers! The bobcat seems to have been hunting well. Nice and sleek. Thank you for this excellent bio-blab.

    1. I agree re: we are lucky. =D Yes, the coyotes, esp. when facing away, def. look midway between a dog & a fox. They do have some elegance to them--nicely observed!

  3. Replies
    1. Yes, we've been very fortunate. =) Feb/Mar, during soggy-land time is when I tend to see the bobcat. It's very infrequent, so ALWAYS exciting and appreciated.


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