what's what: species identification pages

Something of a misnomer,
as we may not get to species in many cases,
this is my attempt to start tracking all the life forms
we get identified here on biobabbler.

And, by "we" I mean YOU,
frequently helpful/essential,
and me.

Us. =)

I'll divide things up taxonomically, so it's easy to find stuff.

Each group will have its own page.

I'll use really simple terms like bees, trees,
though sometimes list orders
when dealing with invertebrates,
but always translating them,
(e.g., "lepidoptera: butterflies and moths").

There'll be one post per manageable group,
and as I have species to add, I can just update that post.

I'll add species we've most recently identified
to the top of the post,
so you can see new stuff right away.

k. That works.

Now, beginning with the letter bee. =)

B is for Bombus.




p.s. As always, I am happy for any help you have re: identification. If you think I've got it wrong, please tell me (via comments or e-mail, biobabbler at g mail dot com), and provide your rationale. It's especially helpful if you can point me toward what it may be.

Thanks so very much. I'm psyched to start creating order! We'll C how far we get.

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