Monday, January 11, 2010

6 flickers and 2 eggs

SIX red-shafted flickers (big birds) in the SAME small section of the SAME manzanita shrub/tree. Odd! Maybe it's covered in ants? Oh, now it looks like they're gathering in ANOTHER manzanita. Who knew they were so social?

There have been 50 million birds out in the mid-morning, lately. Maybe because it's been so warm, and the bugs are active? Flickers, blue birds, juncos, etc.

And, today I found TWO EGGS. One in the 3 amigos coop, and 1 in red's. I can't remember how long it's been since we've had 2 in one day. I think Moby Chick (front of 3) is all done molting, Edie (back of 3) is getting there, but Cinder (black and white) is still going (no long, black feathers on her hiney). (oh, in case you don't know, often when chickens are molting, they stop laying eggs, so that's why this is relevant.)

I'm not sure Fanny (a.k.a. red) molted at all. She always looks perfect, like the sorority president. Excruciatingly well-groomed. So Hollywood.

And, finally, this is a shot I took in the a.m. after the amazing sunset. Gorgeous sunrise. We've been very spoiled in that regard, of late.

xo the biobabbler

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