Wednesday, January 13, 2010

pumpkin pulverizing & power poop-out

Weather and I were moody yesterday. I was sluggish, the skies were dark, wind was whipping, and the power went out around 4 p.m. until welllll after bedtime.

Before we lost power, though, things did get done, like converting the last pumpkin into puree for pie, and scones or cookies. Here's the before and after I-had-my-way shots....

happy, freshly washed rouge vif d'estampes (Cinderella) pumpkin, post-seed-saving-scooping

scraped of all it's contents. came out of the oven much deflated, with a pool of boiling pumpkin juice in the center.

pumpkin puree mit kitty

next I'll share some of my after-the-storm photos

xoxo biobabbler

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