Friday, January 22, 2010

consider us warned...

Winter Weather Advisory
Flood Advisory
Special Weather Statement
Hazardous Weather Outlook

I don't think I've EVER seen FOUR different kinds of warnings on our weather forecast. Wow.

Woke up to pretty snow this a.m.

Looks like it'll be sunny this weekend, then back to rain. Man, if I was going to be here next week, I'd seriously bust out my snowshoes...

And looked at forecast for where I'll be next week and RAIN rain rain rain....maybe I"ll get lucky and get some cool between-storms-sun-break lighting? One can always hope.

I frequently forget that often, when the weather inspires you to stay inside, you really should go OUTside with your camera, 'cause you may get some sun breaks with amazing storm cloud scenes. Witness Ansel Adams....

Hm, maybe I'll go birding on the coast, as I've been told that during storms, you'll see the coolest gulls (mostly pelagic) 'cause they're waiting out the storm on land.  That's an idea!

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