Monday, January 25, 2010

Richard Dawkins and Eddie Izzard

So, it's official, I get to post about Eddie Izzard (saw him in Oakland Saturday p.m. and IT WAS AMAZING and so soundly GOOD I cannot get over it) because he mentioned Richard Dawkins in his narrative. I almost passed out with happiness.

He was talking about the meaning of life. "There is none. We're" That's totally what I believe. He said that it can initially be scary, but how I remember Dawkins saying it in a "Question Man" article I read in college and remember TO THIS DAY, "ultimately, it's freeing." As E.I. put it, eventually, you say...Okay. And move forward.

Welcome to my world.

(artist is apparently Desmond Morris, and I got this image from

The Selfish Gene, by R.D., was filed on my dad's bookshelf in the living room, so the front cover faced out. Grew up with that freaky image (which makes me think of Dali's Persistence of Memory) as a part of my world. I always found it intriguing, and sometimes would just stare at it. Little did I know that book informed my father's, and now my, world view.

I'm SO excited to have a garden next summer--been poring over seed catalogues. Just picturing the lovely green things growing and blooming, bees buzzing, and spiders climbing is enjoyable. Especially while watching snow melt and drip onto my porch.

Thinking sunflowers are a must. Are there any "must haves" for you when you garden?

Oh, and btw, sick chicken seems to be reviving through her recent stay indoors, eating baby organic lettuce by the handful, so that's a HUGE relief.

=) xo biobabbler

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