Thursday, January 28, 2010

the Pacific

Got to see the sea yesterday. Mostly cloudy, deserted beach with 10 million gulls on the north end at the mouth of the river, and along the river was a fuzzy, quiet row of harbor seals warming themselves.

The recent storms kicked up a lot of shells, barnacles, and other goodies from the sea, so the beach was littered with varied beauties. I remember my grandmother used to take us to the beach after a storm, because she said that was the best time to find shells. I think she was onto something. Only now I photograph, versus gather, them.

Also, the beach south of where we went has the most amazing rolled rocks--I'll look for photos I took last time I was there and will share them. SO colorful and smooth and shiny. Color and texture heaven.

In the meantime, reporting from the road...


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