Sunday, January 31, 2010



got ta snowshoe today...


If I'm ever impossibly stressed, someone should slap snowshoes on me, plop me in a snowy place (with food & water in backpack), say "See ya in a few hours!" and leave.

Just did 90 min, as ankle (recent injury) sent a quiet beacon of "okay, that's far enough....please consider returning..." but it was very enjoyable.

But, wow, not quiet. I forgot how loud snowshoes can be! Ours are some kind of plastic (but good) and if the snow is icy/packed, as ours was, look out. No sneaking up on squirrels today.

However, the world, blanketed in sparkly white snow, was quiet. Peaceful. Heavenly.

(snow bank WAY over my head. fun!)

xoxo the biobabbler

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