Tuesday, February 2, 2010

oaks n grapes

Visited wine country last week. Not for wine, but for visit, and hike-age here and there. You've already seen a few of the coastal pics. They also have LOVELY old oaks.

Shadowy view up the hill from trail.

Gorgeous creature (looks much better if you click on it to see all the lichen and moss on the tree)

Gorgeous creature's "bark." Doesn't look anything like bark out here. Pardon semi-lame photo, but it's the only one I had of this shaggy beast's hide.

The mustard (Brassica nigra, a non-native) was blooming like mad, and was really in beautiful contrast to the dark, gnarled grape vines.

Beautiful country. Ecologically, there are things I'd prefer to vineyards, like light ranching with lots of refugia, but these have a cool geometry I can nevertheless appreciate.


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