Friday, January 15, 2010

snow is a no go

So, no go snow. Foo.

Friends cannot visit, after all, due to physical phaulter down there (in addition to mine), so apparently I’ll be nursing my ankle, doing pilates/yoga videos, and NOT bringing you marvelous pictures fresh from the Sierra Nevada.

But, I can, over the next few days, post pictures on any of the following themes:

  • Big, crazy fire of 2008 (view from our property, among others, the Yosemite fire in all the papers and national TV)
  • Best bobcat photo
  • Great snake shot
  • Fresh from the East Coast pics (mostly Boston)
  • Mega manzanita
  • Abstract nature shots
  • Hawaii glamour shots
  • Yosemite glamour shots (sky and rocks and water, usual themes)
  • Yellowstone glamour shots
  • Mount Rainier glamour shots
  • Mount Saint Helen shots
  • Cool flower/bug shots
  • Garden rocking hard shots

YOU (my audience of, what, 2?) get to pick. So, whomever comments gets to pick, and if more than one person replies, then I’ll pick the most popular topic (if there is overlap). Or one per day. Something reasonable.

Otherwise, if you say nothing, I’ll just put up what I want. =)

xoxo the biobabbler


  1. Mount Rainier glamour shots and Abstract Nature shots!!

  2. flowers and bugs today and maybe also tomorrow, then Mt. Rainier and abstracts to follow. =) Thanks for your requests!


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