Sunday, February 14, 2010

photo quiz for you...from Yosemite Valley

What is this, specifically?

And, what is this feature?

=) biobabbler

(p.s. pictures taken Saturday, as in yesterday...)


  1. The first one looks like a jigsaw puzzle, and the second one looks like a horse's tail and caboose (think of Mt. Rushmore, with the horse carved into the granite).

  2. @ sclancy: pine, yes, Try again?

    @ Anonymous--no comment, as he is giving folks hints 'cause he already knows both. =) A Yosemite ringer... =)

  3. Oooh, I know the first one (I think) Ponderosa Pine!

  4. Yes, pilgrims, it is a Pondorosa pine, with its characteristic jigsaw puzzle design. Nice work.

    The second feature's not yet been guessed, save for "Anonymous" as I know he knows. =) It's the WATER feature in the pic, btw, if that was not clear.


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