Tuesday, February 16, 2010

squeaking scarabs!

Just rescued this little guy from our window (stuck in the depression between upper and lower window panes) and he/she squeaked in the most adorable way, poor thing, when I was trying to get it out via random soft piece of bark. Here's a picture of it--not the best, but I was reluctant to stress it any further. Who knows how long it'd been there before I noticed it.


btw, am NOT an entomologist, so am assuming from it's basic shape, etc., that it is related to scarab beetles, and read via the web that scarabs (at least some) do squeak when handled. As would I....

the biobabbler

p.s. Squeak sounded like the sound people make to sound like an injured rabbit. And the beetle was about as big as my pinky nail, but fatter, so about 1 cm long? Maybe a bit more...those are TINY tiny clover leaves in the pic...

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