Thursday, March 4, 2010

March snow shots and photo quiz.

 It snowed briefly late yesterday afternoon.

Our local jack rabbit during last night's snow. That creature defines vigilant. It's amazing. Constantly on the alert.

What I saw this morning during my trek to care for chilly chickens.

Clearly it snowed more while I was asleep.

Snow and sky

Foothill snow: manzanita and pine.

Photo quiz for you: What is this? Please submit guesses via comment.

Now it's around 40 and melting fast, so I'm glad I got out early. Credit the chickens for that. =)

the biobabbler

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  1. Posting this for a friend who e-mailed me a guess (hope he doesn't mind...):

    "it may be something like snow laying on corrugated metal, but not sure. hard to tell the scale, plus the image seems compressed as if it where shot with a telephoto lens. hmmmm, or it was a tilled area in a garden that got snowed on.... I'll go with that one."


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