Tuesday, March 23, 2010

shocked and awed hens


So, our Rhode Island Red (Fanny) laid a soft egg Sunday night/Monday morning. That, in this case, is an egg that looks mostly normal, then you pick it up and much of the shell is pliable. Very strange.

It was also on her perch (where she sleeps) vs. in the egg laying box. Also v. unusual.

I looked it up and one of the causes of soft eggs is a shock. As in chickens are out grazing and a sudden rainstorm appears, some of the hens then lay soft eggs (per what I read on the web).

And then I remembered the persimmon.


See, I had two very ripe persimmons, and figured I'd give them to the chickens.

Chucked one to the three amigos, who were in the garden/patio enclosure.

Then, was trying to toss one into Fanny's coop/veranda, but unfortunately it ended up landing on her back with a splat. Definitely frightened her, but she soon recovered and chowed on the very orange treat (minus the splashes on her back).

I'm thinking having a persimmon drop from 8 feet and explode on your back might count as a shocking experience for a hen. Sorry, Fanny.

In the meantime I'm going to make sure the chickens have access to all the oyster shell they want, but can eat their food straight, so that the two are eaten in an optimal ratio (which apparently chickens manage when they have choice). Getting the right amount of calcium, etc., is important for egg shell strength.

Anyhow, my pardons to a precious poultry pal for plastering her with a plump persimmon.

I'd call a soft-shelled egg a very gentle rebuke.

the biobabbler

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