Tuesday, March 23, 2010

some "best of" Hite Cove photos, few words...

People have been searching for Hite Cove trail or flower shots, probably looking for inspiration to get out, so here's some favorites from last Sunday. =)

This hiker jokingly asked if I wanted them to model, to break the monotony of all the flowers and I laughed. Then they passed me, and I thought, What the heck? He's taking a photo, she's gazing happily. Typical scene, that day. Like all the pictures, it looks better if you click on it.

Blue dicks, Dichelostemma capitatum, punctuating the orange with lovely hits of purple. Later I'll post pictures of the bud of same, which is a lovely, moody, dark thing.

My favorite wildflower when I was a kid. Still nuts about them. Shooting stars, Dodecatheon spp. Based on the habitat, I'd guess it's Dodecatheon hendersonii, but again, this is a Q&D guess.

Face to face...


And, last but not least, the California state flower:

Again, click on above for pollen-acious detail. I don't know why seeing the pollen grains makes me so happy, but it does.

Have you ventured out, yet? Do tell.



  1. I don't know if it was exactly my favorite flower, but there was one I always asked about when our family went on hikes in the San Gorgonio wilderness. I guess when you're a kid, knowing that there's something called a monkey flower is pretty darn cool. Mimulus exiguus, maybe? Or maybe one its cousins...

  2. Oh, I swear I can almost remember the visceral excitement when I learned of a flower called monkey flower. How cool is that? =) I just looked up your possible flower spp. -- it looks TINY. Do you remember tiny?

    Of course, I am very pro-Q&D I.D., so not critiquing, just amazed at Cal photos pic where penny looks HUGE. Sounds like your fam. did fun things.

    You have any plans for hiking re; flowers etc. or have you done, yet? Bringing camera, if so?

  3. After looking at more pictures, I think it was a non-tiny monkey flower, but a swell one just the same. I was going to bring my camera to work to take pictures of the vacant lot across the street with the poppies, hollyhocks, and the flowers that look like lupins that probably ARE lupins. But, a) I forgot, and b)it's raining today.

  4. Raining? I did see that in the forecast, but tough to imagine right now. I'll be psyched to see any of the pics you take. I've always been a big fan of vacant lots gone wild. So much fun to be had for a city dweller--great nature break. And good bug possibilities, too.

    Did you know that the famous "blue bonnets" of Texas, that I heard about all my life, are lupins? Of which we have umpteen species of our own? I was shocked to learn this. I thought they practically invented the plant, and as it turns out, no. =)

  5. Back when she was in high school, one of my sisters decided to grow hollyhocks. They were such an unfashionable flower at that point that, to get the seeds, she had to write to someone called "The Hollyhock King." True!


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