Thursday, March 11, 2010

wandering Yosemite valley

My reward for going to the dentist (aside from dental health, which I dearly value): kicking around the valley for a few minutes.

Trail behind Yosemite lodge, that goes to the Merced River.

Cold, quiet river hit.

Spring is coming (and in this case looks like a dog's paw)...

View through my sunroof. El Capitan, for those who don't know.

View from my favorite parking lot on the planet. Merced at feet, Bridal Veil fall in view.

Yeah, it's okay. If you like that sort of thing....

Parking lot attendants, showing one of the benefits of being paired up--mutual grooming. Feels good and good for you. Gives your mate a cute hairdo.

And then you have someone to enjoy the view with.

the biobabbler

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