Saturday, April 24, 2010

Easier quiz this week...

Because last week's was kooky difficult (unless you're a lepidopterist), this one should be more do-able for folks. =)

What is this? Took photo 2 weekends ago.


P.S. Perhaps I need to rename this Weekend Photo Mystery?


  1. ooooh...I planted this in my native garden in 2004, and it just bloomed for the first time this year! I was soooo excited, and had no one to share my happiness with....until now. :)

  2. Nice job, T. Yes, it is a stunner. This one is not ours, it's at the Merced River. Definitely a beauty contest winner.

  3. Never did find the answer to last week's quiz. Was it a swallowtail?

  4. It's in the comments of (see archive list to right), but from that experience, I decided in future I'd just make a post declaring the answer, separately. Much easier to see/find, that way.

    Probably a checkerspot.

    Took a pic of another caterpillar today that was on the tire of our wheel barrow. CUTE!


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