Friday, April 23, 2010

So beautiful...

... so simple.

We get our rosemary from landscaping (where we know they don't use herbicides).

I set it in water to wash, and was struck by it's beauty (esp. up close).

I love when exceedingly simple, even mundane things surprise me like this.



  1. We have a huge Rosemary plant growing right outside of our front door, first thing I see when I leave the house and it's also the first thing I SMELL when I is so fragrant and wonderful!

  2. That is the beauty of you and why I enjoy this blog so. You find and rejoice in the beauty of simple things; you appreciate everything as if it were a most precious gift.

  3. Jeepers, Wendy. =) Thanks so much. I feel fortunate to have this "it's so amazing to get to witness all these incredible things" point of view. And YOU, I happen to know, are also a most appreciative observer of the infinitely complex, surprising thing we call "nature." =) xoxo


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