Thursday, April 22, 2010

gigantic thistle... it's what's for dinner.

It's so bizarre to think about. Eating a thistle.

This is by far the largest thistle (uh, artichoke) I've EVER SEEN at a grocery store.

I HAD to buy it.

It dwarfed my cutting board (isn't it gorgeous?).

It dwarfed my steamer.

It dwarfed my bowl.

And it took so long to cook, I've eaten 2 veggie burgers and roasted potatoes and carrots while waiting, so I guess it's lunch tomorrow.

A thistle not to be taken lightly.

Hm, maybe this one is so big, I can bear to make something other than a straight artichoke feast out of it.

(Cue heroic, Superman music)
And this concludes another exciting chapter of...  
Adventures in the Produce Aisle!

=) biobabbler


  1. Did you get it at Trader Joe's? We got one there once just like this and it did take forever to cook. So worth it though, huh? It's beautiful, thanks for the pic!

  2. =) No, got it at our local grocer. A huge pile of stunners. Stopped me in my tracks.

    Yup--worth the wait. Heaven forbid we should wait more because we have more.

    =) Glad you liked it.


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