Monday, April 12, 2010

Only saw the (cough) flower when I took the picture...



Little did I know it was a baby picture. =)

the biobabbler

(P.S. It's snowing!)
(P.P.S. I called this owl's clover earlier. Nope. Probably denseflower Indian paintbrush, Castilleja densiflora Castilleja brevifolia (see comments). Oops! Well, learning is a BIG part of what I wanted from this blog.... =) )


  1. Thank you for your edit, because it made me look at my own recent post of owl's clover ( I believe both names are perfectly acceptable common names; although I wonder if what you have may be C. brevistyla (

  2. Ah, re: common names (therein lies the rub of common names...they're so many!). Good to know.

    I agree with you re: C. brevistyla--flower (actual flower part) looks much closer. I am SO not an expert in these, and haven't had time to look closely, but I think you're id is much closer. Thanks very much.

    (to the theme (melody) of the "Spam" song)

    Learn, learn, learn, learn,
    Learn, learn, learn, learn,

    (that's all I can remember of that song)

  3. oy. I cannot figure out how to edit my comment.

    "there are" not "they're"


    Pardon grammatical gaff. (Is this what happens when one eats cheetos for lunch?)


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