Tuesday, April 13, 2010

100th post is a was, + Phriday Photo Quiz answer...

Didn't notice it, but the post re: Indian paintbrush/caterpillar was my 100th post. Woo-hoo. =)

Not sure it means anything, except my friends on Facebook have a bit less blather to wade through.

And the answer to the Phriday Photo Quiz (which I'll try to post Tuesdays, or so) is SPIDER EGGS. I find that photo fascinating. I've never seen anything like it. The one on the lower right hand quadrant looks like a yolk with 8 legs.

So, there you go, and congratulations to Wendy for getting the answer 100% correct! =) Honk Honk! And, of course, thanks again to my east coast contingent for sharing that picture with me, and allowing me to post it here.

the biobabbler

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