Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Peddling petals... wildflower outing trailer

Not a lot of time today (must crank on big project), so not even looking up the spp. names yet, but here's a few to whet your appetite for subsequent posts. Adventuring further into spring.

Last shot is a small-moth-on-flower question I've not yet answered: Who is it? (...asked the parrot of the plumber.)

Indian paintbrush, Castilleja spp. (at this point I'm sticking to genera).
It is particularly electric this year. Just pulsating pigment. Breathtakingly brash.

 Possibly my favorite pic (esp. w/o watermark....)

Small, mysterious mothiness (on woodland star, or some such)....

Update per skepticalmoth (see comments):
" ...looks like a Gelechiidae or Blastobasidae or something similar."

This preview brought to you by: ActuallyHaveaProjectThat'sDueSoonandLoadsofWorkbutCANNOTLeaveBlogAloneandPhoto-less.

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  1. Lo! A moth! Really can't tell for sure, but looks like a Gelechiidae or Blastobasidae or something similar. Impossible without a specimen.

  2. Lo! A tiny-moth expert comments! Yay! =) I was hoping you'd see it, tho I figured if you didn't, I might bug you (no pun intended). Thanks SO much for your expert judgment call. I'll have to look them up for my personal edification. =)


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