Thursday, April 29, 2010

We are humming birds' seastars...

[biobabbler date: 4/28/2010]

Early this morning I spied my first hummingbird actually using our feeder.

Since then, I've seen several more visits. Very exciting for me, as this is my first feeder and I REALLY want good pictures of a few hummingbirds. So, hoping word will spread.

One was actually SITTING while feeding (I'm guessing a female Anna's, Calypte anna). I was on the phone so couldn't get the camera, plus I was loathe to scare it away. But, what a rare treat to see one of these metabolic wonders looking calm, and moving deliberately (lean head back, put beak into feeder, feed, pull beak out, rest: repeat).

Knobby sea star, Pisaster giganteus.

I was musing earlier today that we are probably hummingbirds' sea stars. We move so slowly, by comparison, that all of our goings on are probably barely detectable.



  1. Good analogy! I sometimes feel like I'm in an aquarium when they hover right outside and look in the windows. At least so far they don't tap on the glass.

  2. =) Yes, as you say, so far... (cue spooky music)


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