Tuesday, May 11, 2010

class canceled!

This a.m., moments ago, after having scraped the ice off my car (on May 10th??), I assumed that the (presumably) female turkey I'd seen squatting in the driveway (probably warming baby turkeys on an unseasonably cold morning) would be long gone, like the deer who had scattered. Turkeys are pretty wary.

 Here she is, still not moving, eying me thinking "Oh, for Pete's sake, can you please just go away?!?"

I hoped all'd be well, I advanced VERY slowly in my little car, but saw one particular tiny baby turkey was not walking at all well (furthest left one, dark brown). Stumbling, faltering badly. Pitiful.

So I stopped. Backed up the Honda. Got out, took a picture, and left. Apparently the little creature needs more warming time.

Guess I'll pop in an exercise DVD instead.

It's the least I can do.



  1. baby turkeys! what? how cute is that! I'm pretty sure i love these little guys. Hope the one on the left got to feeling up to par !

  2. Yes, I hope/assume the little one got warmed and limbered up. Saw her later, nearer the house and everyone seemed to be cruising right along, plowing through the grass just fine (so often you just see the grass move, no tiny turkey visible--adorable)in the warm sunshine. They're SO cute and tiny right now. With big feet. =)

    Even later I noticed her at the chicken coop, raising her feather in what looked like a threat display to my chickens, then she saw me, lowered her feathers, and passed the coop, settling into the tall grass for a noon time rest. Just her head was visible, ever vigilant.


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