Sunday, May 23, 2010

a eukaryotic single-celled fungus is determining my bed time....


Yeast-- it's why I'm not going to bed. urf.

In college I knew a ridiculous amount about the little creatures. Apparently my teachers thought it was important. According to wikipedia, it still is. I was glad to read that the one factoid I still retained about them (besides amazing toughness re: storing in dried out state forever), that the two genders were "a" and alpha, is still accurate.

Anyhow, I am staying up late, as my bread dough did not rise as desired so I had to give it more time, then change strategies. And then it has to rise again (1.5 hr). And THEN it has to bake. And it's after 10 p.m. now!!

You see, it's a cold day, so 75-80 degrees F (what this yeast wants to rise) in the house was tough to find. So, I have another 1 hour before the bread MIGHT be ready to bake...

The above and next one are shots of my first loaf of bread ever baked totally by moi (and baked on a warm day, thank you very much). Did this quite recently. Not exactly sure why I waited so long to do this, but I had the impression that yeast is a major pain.

It's not.

Only if you start it LATE and your house is cold do problems, mm... schedule changes, arise.

The result of my first attempt: glorious. SO beautiful. SO shocked. SO stoked. SO posted it (facebook).

Notice bread knife RIGHT behind the trusting, unsuspecting creature.

Today, so far, not looking great.

Witness hillbilly innovation: getting dough to rise at 10 p.m. in a house with no electric heat on a night that will probably plummet to 30-something (again), possibly freezing.

Woodstove comes to the rescue again. Took the picture in virtual dark, so didn't notice oiled fingerprints till just now (from oiled loaves & fingers). Nice touch.

The pots are there to add humidity to the house (so hair doesn't burst into flame as I pass by) but they're empty as am out of practice re: woodstove protocol as it's, oh, I don't know, ALMOST JUNE?


So, as I'm sure was the case in undergrad learning the biology of yeast, I am up later than I hoped, because of yeast.

And the yeast, ever wise, would probably gently remind me that in both cases, if I'd not procrastinated, I'd be in bed by 9.

And the yeast, of course, would be right.

=)  biobabbler


  1. Old gas stoves--the kind with eternal pilot lights--were always warm enough inside to make yeast happy. When I was growing up, that was the key to sourdough pancake batter that was ready to go first thing in the a.m.

  2. I'd wondered about that--so glad you mentioned it. I had a VAGUE idea that something gas-stove-wise was sufficient, but wasn't sure that was still the case. I assume new ones don't do the same thing?

    Those pancakes sound great!

  3. That's some good looking bread you have there! Just for future ref. if you need to go out or hop into bed, the dough can be put in the fridge for a few hours/overnight to rise slowly. Just come back to it in the morning and depending on what stage you are up to, shape to rise again, or bake. It will still grow at colder temps, just more slowly. I bet it tasted delicious, it certainly looks it!!

  4. Oh, my, Christine. You may have saved me from untold future late nights. THANKS! I will SO do that next time. Then we could have a morning filled with the smell of baking bread?!? I may have to PLAN for that.



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