Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Forecast: Is this really California? Are you sure?

Day and night chance of rain, courtesy of NOAA (pardon, this early in the a.m., couldn't figure out how to make them go out horizontally...). Just before Memorial Day weekend. WET!

On the plus side, it's helping my allergies (and the snow pack, and the reservoir levels, and the multitude of vegetation out there, and maybe some bugs, and other wildlife, etc.). But, really, I hear the midwest AND CANADA are in the 90s!! Did we switch?



  1. Ugh I'm ready for some sun! haha There is a really awesome new moth I discovered up at 11,000 feet in the Sierra last summer. At this rate there will still be 5 feet of snow up there come August!

  2. I KNOW re: sun. Ah, well.

    So, what is this moth?? Must know!! And where does it occur (habitat-wise), etc. Maybe I could make it a combination biology/fitness goal to scout it out (at 11K, getting out of car is exercise). I hope it's a daytime moth??

    Yes, re: snow, jeeze. We WERE going to go to Mule Days in Bishop for the 1st time, but it's got to be eye-high in Tuolumne, so not so much. =)

  3. I'll do a post about this moth and its biology soon, so stay tuned! But in the meantime get to work on a nice-weather dance, mine must be lousy because a little lightning bolt just appeared on my forecast for thursday.

  4. Fabulous. Psyched for the post. Will do re: sun dance. Sorry to hear yours is not working. Practice?

    At least rain is good re: getting me to SIT DOWN AND READ for my project. Read and create. And stay awake...hey, maybe if I get sleepy, I can practice my sun dance for a few mins?


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