Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Phriday photo quiz #6 solved!

By MObugs (honk honk!). Nice job. She got "gopher snake" and "Pituophis" and I merely added catenifer catenifer (based on where I found it).

Sweet. So, yes, it was a Pacific gopher snake in the grass. Found it lying along a widllife fence (which kept it out of danger-yay!), all stretched out. I'm guessing the fence material (what the grasshoppers are on in Mumday), being black, was both warm and a little out of the wind (cool, windy day), so was appealing to this poikilotherm.

Anyhow, leaned over fence to take it's picture and it started moving, and showing me and the nearby work crew folks whom I grabbed it's lovely self. LONG snake!! The stake it's by is at least 4' long (tho' granted not entirely in pic).

I love this picture. It works for me on so many levels. =)

And zee mystery photo is above. Isn't it just like being there?

Snaky says, "Yessssssssssssee ya!"



  1. YAY! Third times the charm.....LOL beautiful snake too. I found a Prairie King Snake tonight, hiding under an old pickup hood in an old pasture. I simply love that hood being there. Seems there is always something hiding out under it.

  2. That is one beautiful snake! I take it it is not poisonous? btw i managed to spot it (just) in each grassy pic.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. x

  3. @MObugs =) yes, they are lovely. I'll have to look your snake up. One man's junk is another creature's condo. Like my friend's instructions re: if you want toads in your garden (besides DONT USE CHEMICALS), put out an upside down clay pot. Sooner or later...

    @Leanne No, it's not poisonous. The only poisonous snakes we have here are rattlesnakes which have jaws that jut out so they're head is almost a triangle. Gopher snake has the narrow "I'm no problem" face that is good to see when you're clomping around in the grass. Your blog photos were so great I sent them to another blogger with a similar (amazing) aesthetic. I'll be back!


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