Wednesday, May 5, 2010

greeting me on the window screen this a.m. was...


ooh! So I grabbed my camera and hopped outside:

Then the sun hit:

Here you can see his/her eye.

And here's a peek at an antenna (looks like a comb, imp. to distinguish sex, not that I can tell...):

Am hoping to learn from one of my smarty-moth friends what this may be. Apparently it is in the Lasiocampidae family (clue tossed to me by smarty moth friend), and Phyllodesma looks like an awfully good candidate for the right genus.

Searched Calphotos for the genus and Phyllodesma americana*, lappet moth, looks JUST right, to my inexpert eye. Once again I owe a debt of gratitude to rely my entomologically gifted friends. Thanks!!


* Just got this confirmed by a moth expert friend, so we're good!

PS Cruised my property this a.m. and got shots of what's blooming and a fun bonus on 2 of the flowers I shot (next post or 2). Oh, and finally went toward where the raven pair were cawing incessantly in time to see a tawny bobcat trot down our neighbors' driveway in the springtime sun. Needless to say, chickens went back in the coop for a while... Take home lesson: LISTEN TO WILDLIFE! Esp. if you have poultry to protect.


  1. I'm just a little piece of bark, or maybe a leaf--nothing to see here!

  2. =) Nice. That's what Wendy suggested (tho' using 3rd person v. 1st), too. And she's officially a wildlife biologist, so nice work, CP. =) Or should I say, Dr. CP?


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