Saturday, May 22, 2010

Phriday photo quiz #6 -- late, as is tradition...


What am I?
(at least 2 things to identify, here)


  1. Well I definitely see a snake in the grass...hehehe. Is it a Fox Snake? The #2 item eludes me....hint?

  2. I don't know what a fox snake is (do you have the scientific name?), but that's not this creature's common name. The other thing to guess was the grass species. =) (btw it didn't occur to me that it IS a snake in the grass!)

  3. There are two types of Fox Snakes one is the Western Fox Snake Elaphe vulpina vulpina the second is the Eastern Fox Snake Elaphe vulpina gloydi, and both are believed to be subspecies of Elaphe vulpina. Another common name for them is Pine Snake. The markings on the one you have in the grasses looks so similar to the Fox Snake. It is hard to tell though. Not sure about the grass, wild oats perhaps?

  4. Wow, those are beautiful snakes. Yes, wild oats, probably Avena barbata. (Though to be honest I just made that assumption re: barbata,, but it's a pretty safe bet).

    So, wild oats yes. Snake is still up for grabs.

  5. Some type of Garter snake?

  6. @Becky: Another good guess, but no. Hint: it's pretty darn long!

  7. Another excellent guess. There were (California) kingsnakes (Lampropeltis gutula californiae) in the area, including a baby one in my hand that same day, but the snake pictured above was not one of them. Wiki on the kingsnake is good,, and indicates that young ones might do rude things when handled, but they become accustomed to humans quickly. The one I handled was mild and sweet (acting, not tasting).

  8. The only other snake that comes to mind is one we call the Bull Snake Pituophis catenifer sayi, in Missouri it is the longest snake reaching lengths of 7 feet or more.

  9. Oh, wow, that's amazing! Sorry, vague hint = often unhelpful.

    Washington Nature mapping (handiest reference) says the mystery species is "reported to reach 9 feet (275 cm) in length, but 4 feet (120 cm) is more common."

    Check out today's Mumday post for a pic of it's tail (couldn't wait to post it).

    From same site, this the mystery species "is one of the most widespread snakes in North America. Its range extends from the Atlantic to Pacific oceans, as far north as southern Canada, and as far south as Veracruz and southern Sinaloa, Mexico, including Baja California."

    So, it SHOULD occur somewhere near you and Becky as well as near Babs.

    I'm itching to tell, so will probably leak it today =) if y'all don't get it from the tail. =)


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