Tuesday, June 15, 2010

benefits to living in a small town, #206

You go to the hardware store to buy a kiddie pool for your chickens, and the helpful woman behind the counter shows you the options, and then asks the question you've been dreading: "What's it for?"


"Uh... it's for my chickens."

She didn't blink. Didn't react at all, except to subtly nod her head, as if that were a sensible thing, then later said to cut a small section of the lip of it off 'cause it' gets slippery and that makes it easier for them to get out, and if one is ever going to be gone all day on a hot day, put a 10 lb block of ice in it.


She does this for HER chickens.

Of all the hardware joints, in all the towns, in all the world, I walked into hers.*

I believe I have just met ... The Chicken Whisperer.


I love small towns. =)


*rip off of Casablanca's "Of all the gin joints" quote, in case you were wondering. =)


  1. small towns are the BEST. i spent the past 3 springs and summers in a town of 387. So many stories!

  2. ooh, would love to hear them. =) I lived for 1 year in a town of two-hundred something. I loved it. Funny thing is, had the MOST amazing yoga teacher there. WOW! and the grocery/video/hardware store was practically across the street, post office was next door, and that's really all I needed.

    Traffic? What's that?


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