Wednesday, June 16, 2010

you know you're a food-dork when...

you're watching a dutch film, which largely takes place in France, and during a (presumably tense) scene where a wife confronts her husband, asking if he's been unfaithful, you notice the jam jars she's holding and think "Oh, I think that's the same kind of jam we have."


Very relevant to the film. SO in the moment. Focused entirely on the French jam I may or not have in common with the characters.


And, I am planning on not buying it any more (however delightful), 'cause for heaven's sake, 19,000,000 people around here (local folk) can make and sell jam so I can at least a) buy theirs and at best, b) make our own. I don't need it shipped from France!

Nevertheless, I saw those gingham red and white jar lids and was off into food-pondering-land as the plot went right past me.

Peach jam on toasted, buttered English muffins... mmmm.....



  1. My mother said she always noticed the wallpaper in films. Even if she didn't remember the plot, she'd get something out of the movie.

  2. Hee. Everyone has things they key in on (biologist term: search images). Funny.

    I think I can safely say maybe the ONLY time I've ever noticed wallpaper was in Breakfast at Tiffany's where the golden boy's sponsor/client/MamaWarbucks decorated his apartment and it was SO HORRIBLY densely ornate. EW.

  3. thats too funny, i've found myself checking out the food items too!! and gardens.. always checking out those in films...

  4. at some point, you have to acknowledge that your elderberry jam - while being "free" and "local," really tastes bad, and that Bonne Maman's blackberry preserves are awesome, seeing as how it's probably a 400 year old recipe.

    I mean, sure I buy local BBQ sauces here on the east coast. But when I really want to do it right, I buy Stubbs' (shipped from TX). Because it is the best I can afford.

  5. =) @ Roasted Garlicious I TOTALLY stare at other people's veggie gardens while driving down the road (or hopefully DRIVEN so I can REALLY stare), and have seen lovely ones in films that make we weak with envy.

    @ Swamp Thing: made me laugh out loud. Yes, Bonne Mamman is SO GOOD! I looked in my cupboard after that post and I still have 6 jars left. hee.

    When I was dying for good Mexican food (having moved to Washington state) I had a fish taco party and it was HEAVEN! It really was the only way I could get a good one.


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