Wednesday, June 16, 2010

ground squirrels?!? and bluebird acrobatics

Since when do we have ground squirrels?

Chatting with friends who also live generally in the area, ground squirrels are a NIGHTMARE re: gardening. Until, oh, YESTERDAY, I'd never seen one, and was exceedingly grateful.

I confirmed species i.d. TODAY. Right on my back porch. Def. Spermophilus beecheyi (that link has fascinating info about squirrels' defense against rattlesnakes, possibly their chief predator, and, now that I think of it, a snake species I've NEVER seen on our property).

I just took a few quick shots of it running RIGHT through the fence into my garden, a place our abundant western grey squirrels never seem to go.

See his/her fuzzy buns on the cement block I use to prop the door open (for my chickens)

Much clearer view of same, leaping off block, happy tummy and tail nicely lit.


Right now it's perched on top of the compost pile.

It's a young one, but for how long?

Yes, cute, but agile, quick, small (hard to exclude from garden), and probably very ready to eat anything I'll plant.

Well, I guess I'll just have to take it day by day. Be yogic about it. =) Take long, slow, deep breaths, and think happy thoughts...


So, BLUEBIRD crazy aerial acrobatics yesterday.

Unfortunately, no pictures, but saw a bluebird hop down from the tree right outside my backdoor (which I stare at all day, just beyond my computer screen) into the grass and pull up a HUGE, pale buffy FAT grub. Bird flew up and landed on the doorway to our garden, and proceeded to beat the brute senseless.

This went on for a time, then the bird lost it's grip and, having accidentally flipped it away, DOVE OFF THE DOORWAY AND CAUGHT THE GRUB MID-AIR and SWOOPED BACK UP and landed on a garden post.



I freaked.

And, I'm sure for the blue bird, just another day.

wow. Color me impressed. IN AWE. Pulse elevated.

Once again nature is blasé and I am blown away.


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