Sunday, June 27, 2010

garden "before" and retrofitted coop shots

Coop retrofit (only porch shots today)
Divided and conquered!! woo-hoo!

Fanny, the feather plucker. But friendly to people--sociable and chatty. =)

SO not fancy new chicken run.
 It'll work for now, though, esp. once I add a little water to the situation...

The above retrofit means I can turn my chicken run back into a garden.

Very much a "before" picture.

(one hopes... =) )

All those stakes in the ground were to protect growing broccoli from hungry and adventurous chickens, fall before last. Didn't work. They stormed the castle and I didn't have the heart to deny them the broccoli they SO love. =)

So, right now it's blasty sunny and hot so I'm hiding, but I'll be back out later today and any progress will be duly documented and shared.

How about you? Do you have a garden this year? Have you had one before? What are you growing?

Also, is there anything you've always wanted to grow but haven't? And if so, why not? I ask 'cause I have a few of those...

Please DO tell in the comments. Enquiring minds want to know! =)



  1. If I had stayed in Berdoo with a house (and not gone back to grad school), I had been thinking of having a go at "old roses" like R. gallica. Now I just have things on the apt. balcony that I think might appeal to hummingbirds.

  2. Ooh, that sounds like a genius hobby. I know nothing about "old roses" but I assume they have lovely scent? I think scent-free roses are a crime. What are people thinking? We had scads outside our house when I was in high school--HEAVEN. Nothing like sticking your nose in a giant rose with a smells that sends you. You are a humming bird lurer. Nice!

  3. Yes indeed--old roses are pretty much the kinds that are native to Europe and generally non-messed with, breeding-wise (floral history!) Very perfumey.


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