Saturday, June 26, 2010

it is time!

I FINALLY have MOVED the red hen

into the freshly divided coop, so as of TODAY I have free reign of the chicken run/garden to convert it back into it's previously lush (if amateurish) green bounteous self!

September 2008

It's been TWO YEARS.

Right now it's in an Oaklahoman-Dustbowl-State. I may take a "before" shot, however humiliating that may be to share. =)

Watered one plot yesterday, watering another today. Starting with plots that are wired against gopher (hoping it works).

Can I tell you how excited I am just to be able to prop the freakin' garden door open, since there are no chickens to escape?

Much work to come. Will document and share.

But I just had to say, at last:



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