Friday, June 18, 2010

Goin' to the County Fair!

Change of plans.

We just figured out that a nearby county fair is this weekend--so we have canceled our "east side" plans [ :( ] because this fair is only 1 weekend a year, and I hope and expect the east side to be there subsequent weekends this summer.

Gotta get my fix of cows, pigs, 4-H kids running the place, work on my goat and sheep imitations (mmnea-a-a-a-a-ah!), of COURSE try and find the fancy, exotic chickens and bunnies... THIS is what I love to do at the fair.

Bunny chillin'

 Swim in domesticated animals. LOVE it.

I seriously LIVE for honing my sheep calls amid the experts.

When I was a kid my mom let me go see alllll the animals. Heaven. My sister was into rides, but my mom liked the animals best, too, so I got to indulge in my favorites every time. =)

Some pig!

Back to this century. Last time we went to this fair, we saw people tending their gorgeous, gleaming cows, readying them for judging/auction, including BLOW DRYING their perfectly clean heinies. We saw the MOST BEAUTIFUL blonde cow EVER. WOW was she gorgeous. Both fell in love with her immediately. The Gwyneth Paltro of bovines. And mile long eyelashes. (swoon!)

Unfortunately I don't have pictures of her (was probably too busy being agog), but I do have shots of this beautiful Holstein (had to look THAT up I can tell you).

Is this cow gorgeous, or what? 

Close up of gleaming coat. So velvety!

I can credit the county fair for helping me become aware that the word "cow" does not mean any ol' cattle-like individual. It specifically means an adult FEMALE. As you might expect, animal handlers were much more precise with their language than I'd been, and I can appreciate that.

THEN there's a bull riding contest, which we LOVE love love.

So, I am EXCITED!!! SUPER stoked for this weekend.

Is there a county fair near you? Have you ever gone? If you have, what are your favorite things to do/see?  DO tell in comments. =)


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