Thursday, June 17, 2010

Phriday photo quiz #7 -- EARLY...

... believe it or not!

This quiz is twofold: 1. What is this? (name species, please) 2. What time of year was it taken?


Happy weekend!



  1. I cheated. I googled carefully and found it. So I won't say it here. But awesome image. I'm guessig it was blooming in January if it was early.

  2. @ Sprout: Aren't you a good team player? =) Very glad you like it =) Re; blooms, perhaps look a little more closely?

  3. definitely a manzanita, fall?

  4. Ding ding ding!!! Yes, it's a manzanita.

    Anonymous is the winner!!

    It was photographed in winter. The winter storms, including wind, hail, and snow rid it of all excess (last year's blossom remnants/berries) so it is at it's minimalist best, and it's WET! Given our Mediterranean climate, and the fact that we get almost NO precip in summer and precious little in fall, it's probably winter, possibly LATE late fall (so wind cleaned and wet), or early early spring (else blossoms would abound).

    Nice work, Anonymous, and shout out to Sprout (ooh, so very rhymey!) for being a good sport. =)


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