Thursday, July 8, 2010

HINTS and better shots for garden photo quiz...

Since people aren't getting it yet...

A more developed shot of the plant in the quiz... 
It's a type of SQUASH 

One of the plants I planted near the squash is blooming...

Now, does anyone have any guesses why I planted those flowers by those squashes???


P.S. See "Comments" below for a great guess and more hints!


  1. YES!!! Ding ding ding!!

    =) It's COSMOS.

    So, why did I plant cosmos by my squash??

  2. Presumably you're trying to attract pollinators and beneficial insects?

  3. @Curbstone Valley Farm: YES!! Ding Ding Ding!!

    =) I've read that squash can use a LOT of help re: pollination, so they recommend planting bee-attracting plants near your squash. Cosmos were on that list, and my local nursery has them. Plus they're pretty, happy flowers.

    Good job!! Credit Lisa and Robb for the cosmos call, and Curbstone Valley Farm (just their name makes them sound expert) for answering the underlying question of WHY.


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