Thursday, July 8, 2010

returning to the scene of the crime...

most criminals do it, so why not biobabbler. The scene:

biobabbler on the phone with co-worker, nudging papers to scootch close to the Mac, and the mug-o-Joe TIPS and pours contents into Mac.

Flash forward several minutes, subsequent scene suffused with the scent of quiet desperation:

Yes, this is my beloved MacBook Pro tilted upside down and backwards a bit to drain the coffee out. None came out that I saw. It's being propped up by an IKEA lamp that was just the right size...

I DID have a keyboard protector thingy on the Mac, but the screen DID go to black after about 4 seconds of coffee, so I freaked.

I searched the web for solutions. I tried to take my Mac apart. The tiny tiny phillips screwdriver I bought for the project ("jewlers tools") was not tiny enough for all the screws, so was stuck at the remove-the-fans-from-the-logic-board phase.


I can tell you I was SWEATING, taking apart my $$$$Mac$$$$. However, I did clean whatever I DID gain access to. I even saw a TINY bit of coffee and wiped that off.

This is kind of like those family photos people had (including us) from way back when they took a picture of a child because they contracted polio and weren't sure the child would survive. Happily, our relative survived and thrived.

Anyhow, before you muck about with keyboard keys, they advise "take a picture" so you put them all back in the right places. I ended up not going there after all...

Read about how to dry it and decided to rely on our VERY VERY dry, hot air outdoors. Sat my Mac outside for two ENTIRE DAYS in the 90 degree heat in the shade.

This morning I cleaned the table it sits on, replaced its battery, set it onto my work table, plugged it in, and pushed the Power button.

At first, nothing. My heart sank.

Then, what's that? a little sound, a grey screen (starting up routine), and lo and behold, The MAC, she is Resurrected!!

SO far, it seems to have done the trick. But I realize it may not last. Apparently sugar and milk can corrode things inside computers over time.

We'll see.

New protocol re: coffee: LARGE based mug only, on coaster, NOT on work desk, but within easy reach.

If I keep posting, you'll know this miraculous resurrection is holding...

Garden updates and shots from an ants-with-wings flight party will come soon.



  1. Did it all happen in slo-mo with a dramatic movie "NOOOoooooo!!"?

  2. Absolutely.

    Of course, you see it over and over again in your head afterward and just don't understand why you didn't move super fast, when it SEEMS it could have been so easy. Probably an illusion: time warp based on the fact that your brain is freaking out re: what's happening.

    =) Coffee still on counter NEAR desk, but not on. And Big, Flat Bottomed Mug, thank you. =)

  3. Danger! I have moments of freak out when my husband puts the computer on the table in the field house with like 17 full glasses of water, wine, beer, coffee, tea, etc all around. Nothing good can of of that! I'm so sorry about the incident! I have been known to spill yerba mate on any and all things, including our old mac :)


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