Sunday, August 8, 2010


I, JUST THIS MINUTE, having started cleaning 'cause guests are coming our way, have found THE SUNFLOWER SEED PACKETS THAT I KNEW I'd ordered but COULDN'T FIND!

And it's August 8th?!?



So, folks, do I plant them this year and see what happens? Or maybe plant half this year and half next year?

What would YOU do if you found three pretty packets of sunflower seeds (Tiger's Eye mix, Supermane sunflower, and Miriam edible) in mid-summer?

We pretty much have good weather through October, I think, so I've got at least 3 months. 2 years ago it didn't freeze till sometime in December. Days to maturity: Meriam - 60-70, Tiger's eye mix 85-100, Supermane sunflower 100-110.

Would you be willing to VOTE re: what I should do? I'm curious re: different approaches you might take/advise.


(a.k.a. she-who-can-misplace-an-Army-tank)
p.s. and I repeat: arrrgh!


  1. I would go for it and plant a few seeds. I am thinking about doing the same. I planted all of my sunflowers at the same time and therefore, they were all finished at the same time. Next spring, I am going to plant in succession.

  2. I would plant them. Our winters come later, every year. You might be surprised how many pretty flowers you get. Plus, if things get really dicey, you could always bring them indoors and grow a flowering forest in the window. Great conversation piece... :) Thank you for visiting my blog.

  3. =) Alrighty, then. I will do it. Thanks for the encouragement! =)

    Reminds me of advice a dear friend gave me years ago when I was blocked, stuck in perfectionist land, NOT getting planting done. "Just plant something!" =) And I did and it was great.


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