Sunday, August 8, 2010

one month of sunshine; garden update

Super coincidentally, today is exactly one month since I took the 2nd monitoring shots of my garden plots. So, 1st shot is June 30, 2nd shot is July 8, third is August 4th.

Let's see what one month of sunshine will do in my Tardy Garden:

Plot 1
 June 30
4 tomato plants in front, nothing yet in back

July 8
tomatoes front, FRESHLY planted Three Sisters (squash, corn, beans) in back

August 4
Uh... can you say hot weather crops?

That corn and squash grow CRAZY fast, and the beans are climbing the corn, per the ever-so-clever Three Sisters plan. Don't think I've seen squash blooms yet, but the squash are expanding and it's a deep, green jungle in there!

Plot 2

Formerly plot of head-hanging shame...
June 30

July 8

It's a potential arch site!

August 4
Therefore nothing's happened since my shovel hit the arrowhead, and I stepped away from the shovel. I still have to fill out and send in the paperwork to the state to let them know. In the meantime, this is how Plot 2 it will stay for now. Waiting.

Plot 3

June 30: framing up, filled with soil from under an oak...

July 8
1/2 planted: baby sunburst squash and cosmos

August 4
(urf) still half planted, but now sporting stylish squashes and happy cosmos!
I'm THIS close to harvesting my first squash...

Maybe I should be realistic and plant some fall/winter crops in the back half of the plot?

Plot 4

June 30
uh... can we talk about something else?

July 8
ooh, a plot is taking shape, complete with fresh aviary wire (anti-gopher screen)

August 4
I'd say most improved...
closest = black zucchini, center is yellow crookneck (tallest stuff),
back is sugar baby watermelon (tiny and barely visible)
Plus cosmos to draw bees.

It's mulched (I NEVER mulch, so very proud) and although there are no serious fruits happening, they are growing nicely. One item of concern, though, is the last TINY watermelon plant: here it is August 4th before it got chewed in abundance by merciless grasshoppers.

Not sure you can even see it, but upper left corner, to right of squash leaf, just to the left of the vertical shadow. 2 TINY cotyledon-stage watermelon plants. Not sure they'll make it. =( As is often the case in gardening: we shall see!

Plot 5

June 30
brand new plot with fresh aviary wire, steer manure, etc.

July 8
tomatoes and peppers planted
Check out the cracking soil where I don't directly water.

August 4
bigger tomatoes dwarfing peppers in the back,
little startup (volunteer) tomatillo in front left,
and everybody's mulched!

harvested 1st peppers (baby belles) a few days ago
Pretty, but tiny. That's fine, though--I'm just glad they're alive. =)
Streamlined bug on white cosmos plant. Very upright posture with wings angled back like an F-16.

Any guesses????

Pitty flowers with string ceiling.

Anyone know why the string is there??
(hint: this garden was a chicken run for 2 years...)



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